Sea Trail Plantation Amenities Expansion Plan

Sea Trail Plantation announced at the annual homeowner meeting that they have approved an initiative to expand the amenities the future.

The plan calls for allocating $250,000 in 2019 and over the next several years to fund a new amenity center.

The new center is in response to the strong coastal North Carolina real estate market and the growing Sea Trial community, specifically the construction of new homes on existing building lots.

Currently, the association is evaluating future locations for the future amenity. The planning committee will be evaluating purchasing a land for the future site, as well as repurposing existing amenity locations.

Projects scheduled for 2019 include infrastructure improvements, replacement of fitness room equipment with new start-of-the-art machines, necessary repairs, and landscape updating.

The new updates are a response to the internal demands of a growing resident population and external competition from Brunswick County golf and beach communities.

To maintain real estate values communities must update their amenities to compete with the consumer expectations and the numerous amenity-rich coastal communities.

Families looking to relocate to the area are evaluating communities from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach. Stale or irrelevant amenities will be dismissed by would-be resident and those communities that satisfy consumer needs will benefit.

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